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Hiring Managers – Here is what you should be asking your recruiter

Hiring Managers, you shouldn’t just be asking potential candidates questions. You need to ask potential recruiters a few important questions before you engage their services. Even if your company has used that agency before, you need to make sure that you are getting the right consultant for your vacant position.

Here are 8 questions you should be asking your recruiter the next time you engage an agency/recruiter:
  1. How long has the recruiter been working in recruitment for?
  2. Why are they the right recruiter to find the best candidate for you?
  3. How do they maintain relationships with candidates? What is their candidate care process?
  4. What areas do they specialise in?
  5. What type of clients and industries do they typically work for?
  6. Are there any other consultants in their agency that they work with to source candidates?
  7. What is the process after our initial brief? Do they send a shortlist? How long should I expect it to take?
  8. What happens after the candidate is placed? Do we stay in touch before the candidate start date? After the candidate starts?


Just like most things in life, go with your gut. When you meet with a recruiter for a role, you should have a good rapport and see yourself being able to establish a long term, professional relationship! There are a lot of great recruiters out there, make sure you are working with the best.


Can You Tell A Suitable Candidate From Their CV?

Can you tell a suitable candidate from looking at their CV? Here are our 5 Top Tips to spot a great candidate just from just their CV:


Sh&t happens! Travel, contracts, redundancy and life happens to the best of us! But -there comes a time in your working life where you should have stuck something out for a good 2 years plus .. that’s what we look for. Juniors are pretty much excused from all of the above.


Internal promotion, leading a project, being headhunted by an ex boss – these are all great signs!


If the header on a CV reads “Cirriculum Vitae” – pass!! Rambling and long winded cover letters also tell you something … having said that – not all roles require great spelling – so different horses for different courses!


Would you move from one company to another to do the exact same job? Nor would we – so look for the ability to step up and hire on attitude over a skill that can be trained. Will the candidate’s toolkit translate to your business?


This is tricky without meeting someone in person – however where they have previously worked may be an indicator i.e. huge multinationals or small family businesses. Are the types of company’s complementary or polar opposite to yours?


Remember – a CV is only a snapshot of a person and the whole picture doesn’t come together until you meet them face to face. Sometimes “left of field” candidates are the most successful. Trust your recruiter (if you use one) to fill in the blanks for you …