qube Play

For an attractive bunch of people, our staff are strangely camera shy. So they have asked us to not show you their faces.
The stories you read here are true. Their faces may not be.

Karen is our ‘top dog’ here at qube.
She still loves recruitment after her 25 plus years in the industry, although how much she loves being referred to as a dog is debatable.
Most days you’ll find her with her head down, sleeves rolled up, working alongside the team.
On the others she’ll probably be rolling around on the floor with her bichon frise.

LenkaLenka is our Administration & Finance Manager.
She’s our all-round superstar and keeps the office functioning like a well-oiled machine.
Most days she’s keeping us all in line with a combination of her happy demeanour and Czech humour.
On others you’ll find her chasing her toddler around wishing she could put her feet up and watch reality TV. She likes wine.

Mitch is one of our temp consultants.
He thrives in the fast paced recruitment environment and prides himself on the speed and efficiency with which he can fill roles and keep up with the EPL scores at the same time!
Most days you’ll find him on the phone, chatting to our clients and getting to know new candidates.
On the others he’ll be in the kitchen, whipping up creations in his guise as the next Masterchef.

Andrew manages our Temporary Division.
He loves matching great candidates and clients – which matches well with his love for his phone (which is permanently attached to his hand!)
Most days you’ll find him texting candidates, making sure things are running smoothly for his clients.
On others you’ll find him dreaming of a glamorous life in Hollywood or on a beach – cocktail in hand.

Tink is a Principal Consultant.
She is super-experienced and uses her knack for reading people to her advantage with senior level placements.
Most days you’ll find her with her phone glued to her ear, always on the go for her clients and candidates.
On the others she’s practicing to be the next Million Dollar Matchmaker!

Sarah is a Principal Consultant.
A cherished recruit of qube, we are proud to have her on our team as we think she is awesome!
Most days you’ll find her out visiting clients and candidates, wishing she’d brought a pair of flats with her.
On others she’s catching up on her reality TV fix dreaming of being a casting director for The Bachelor or Survivor. She isn’t fussy.

Melanie is a Temp Consultant.
She loves working with high calibre clients and candidates so much that she’s coined a term ‘employment marital bliss’.
Most days you’ll find her in the office, working hard to achieve this marital bliss.
On others, she’s imagining her perfect day – a quick workout then lunch with her family cruising in a super yacht, drinking rose along the Cote d’Azur.

Jamal is our CFO.
He’s the man who is so good with numbers he has been a commercial accountant for 26 years (!).
Most days you’ll find him sorting out our finances while swotting to maintain his (hotly contested) trivia champion status.
On others he is crafting some of the worst dad jokes in the history of the world with which to embarrass his children.